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Medical Team:

Dr. Jim Bolssens, DVM, has been practicing in the UAE since 2004, starting Europets back in 2005. He is an alumni of Ghent University (Belgium), and worked for many years in Antwerp (Belgium), before coming to the UAE. Jim comes from a long line of vets and has earned the reputation of being one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in this part of the world.

Dr. Sofie Indencleef, DVM, joined Europets Clinic in March 2016. She is a graduate of the veterinary faculty in Ghent, Belgium in 2013. As a farmers daughter, the love for all kinds of animals has always came naturally to her.




Medical Support Staff:

  • Kamala joined the clinic in May 2006, to help us keep everything clean and giving a lot of love to your pets if they need to stay at the clinic. She is from Sri Lankan and has good experience with cats and dogs.

  • Tyke is from the Philippines and joined in January 2016. He will be helping out at the front desk but is also responsible for the cattery. He is very passionate about animals and has a special interest in exotics.

  • Pamela joined our team in 2022 and you will find her at the front desk.

  • Niluka joined in 2023, she replaced her mother, who has retired. Niluka is from Sri Lanka as well. She elps to Kamala to keep our clinic clean. 

  • Ajith joined in May 2015 as a driver so we can now offer pick-up and delivery service. He also is from Sri Lanka but speaks English, Hindi and Arabic as well.


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