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- Vaccinations: These need to be up-to-date and must include: Rabies, Feline  Rhinotracheitis, Callicivirus & Panleukpnia. Commonly known as

Tri-cat, Fel-o-vax. Primo vaccinations must be a least 21 days old

- De-worming: Your cat should be regularly treated for worms. Upon arrival we will de-worm your pet, you are free to provide your own worming medication if you wish or purchase from us but the administration must take place upon arrival to boarding.

-Tick/Flea Treatment: Frontline® is a tick & flea preventative which we will apply to all our boarders upon their arrival (at the owners expense). It is a small pipette of liquid which is administered to the skin between the shoulder blades of the dog or cat. Frontline® protects against fleas for 2 months and ticks 1 month.

-Food/diet: Our standard Menu offers your pet Royal Canin Indoor 27, a premium quality dry food.   If your cat requires or demands an alternative diet please indicate on your admission form. If the alternate food is available in our store then it will be added to your bill, however if it is not available, we ask you to supply the needed branded labeled with your cats name. We will attempt to maintain your cats normal feeding schedule as much as possible so please complete all forms.


AED 50/cat per day

AED 35 per day for a second cat in the same bungalow

No more than 2 cats per bungalow

Payments can be made by cash or card.

Cancellations/Alterations :

1 week notice is required for all cancellations or alterations

For refunds of deposits for cancellations of bookings during Christmas, Easter, Summer + Ramadan, a minimum of 21 days notice must be given.

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